Graphic Design


During the day of the gallery trip, I managed to spot Printed Matter (195 10th Ave, between W21st & W22nd St) on my walk to the train. You would not miss it because of all the stickers that are on the front of the store. It’s a cool little book shop with very interesting books ranging from many different artists. I got to flip through some books and I was inspired; there were so many unique books to choose from! Be sure to check it out when you’re in Chelsea!

Love, Leona


This is so interesting! I did not know Microsoft Words was capable of all those functions. Imagine Apple was designed with a Microsoft product, how ironic would that be?

Love, Leona


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Here are four of the book covers that really caught my eyes and I am absolutely loving!

First cover is for a book called Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City’s Creative Heart; I adore the photo combination, it really goes well together. Also how the center photo is in color and it’s sandwiched between two black & white images. The typefaces used make it look classy and elegant similar to what we envision of Paris.

The second is The Wizard of Oz; I am a lover for chalkboard hand lettering so this of course caught my eyes, just look at all those details! I like how the colors green and purple are being used which represent the witch. This one is done by the amazing Dana Tanamachi.

Third cover is All the Buildings in New York: That I’ve Drawn So Far  done by James Gulliver Hancock. I love how he positioned parts of the word “New York” behind the buildings and skyscrapers he drew; that gives off a three dimensional feel. Furthermore, the use of blue and orange, which are complementary colors, looks nice next to each other.The hand lettering style he chose goes well with his drawing of New York City.

Last but not least, is the cover for Grace Williams Says it Loud. Swirly and script typography is my favorite of all, therefore one of the reasons I love this! In addition, it’s quite pleasing to the eyes how some of the swirls travels to the side of the book and comes back to the front. It nice how the typography for the front is two toned instead of one solid color like the side of the book.

Those are the reasons and what I found alluring about the books covers. I hope you find them as appealing as I did!

Love, Leona