Chelsea’s Fall Looks

(Few of my fave shots)

Last Saturday, I finally got the chance to hang with my friend Chelsea (above) after a super long time! We decided to shoot a Fall fashion video for her Youtube channel. I found an amazing location and she did the driving. We were very lucky that the weather was around the mid 60s, perfect to be outdoors! After we finished getting all the footage and photos needed, we just wondered and caught up with each other.

Last semester I took an intro to film and video class and learned how to use Adobe After Effects; so I took up the opportunity to volunteer on putting the video together. It took about 10 hours to edit and 18 hours to upload onto Youtube, which is very frustrating since it’s only an one min and 35 sec video. Sigh, why do you have to torture me Youtube?! You can watch the video below and I hope you enjoy!

Love, Leona


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