Mother’s Day Flowers

(Click for enlargement)

(Click for enlargement)

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there (or fathers that filled in the role)! Every year I give my mom handmade gifts because one, I’m a broke college student and two, since I’m an art student why not put my creativity to use right? I find handmade gifts more personal and shows that you put a great deal of time and effort! This year for Mother’s Day, I made my mom this super adorable DIY pom pom bouquet! I found the tutorial on Pinterest (the best place to find DIYs) which led to me to creating these pom pom flowers. It was really fun but a bit time consuming, wrapping yarn over and over and over again but anything for the No. 1 woman in my life! After finishing with the pom poms I simply cut up different lengths of natural vine wire and poke them into the pom poms. Furthermore, I decided to hold the pom pom flowers in a spare mason jar that I had laying around. The jar looked very empty when I placed all the flowers in; so I added artificial leaves that I had from making flower crowns a few projects back. Lastly, stuck in a mini flag saying “Happy Mother’s Day”, wrapped the jar with some yarn and ribbons for the finishing touch and ta-da! An adorable and fun jar of pom pom bouquet ready to be gifted! Hopefully you give this DIY pom pom bouquet a try, it makes a lovely decor and gift for any occasion! Finally, I wish everyone had a great celebration and enjoyed their Mother’s Day!

Love, Leona

(Click for enlargement // Always have include little brother's name)

(Click for enlargement // Always have include little brother’s name)


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