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First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there (or fathers that filled in the role)! Every year I give my mom handmade gifts because one, I’m a broke college student and two, since I’m an art student why not put my creativity to use right? I find handmade gifts more personal and shows that you put a great deal of time and effort! This year for Mother’s Day, I made my mom this super adorable DIY pom pom bouquet! I found the tutorial on Pinterest (the best place to find DIYs) which led to me to creating these pom pom flowers. It was really fun but a bit time consuming, wrapping yarn over and over and over again but anything for the No. 1 woman in my life! After finishing with the pom poms I simply cut up different lengths of natural vine wire and poke them into the pom poms. Furthermore, I decided to hold the pom pom flowers in a spare mason jar that I had laying around. The jar looked very empty when I placed all the flowers in; so I added artificial leaves that I had from making flower crowns a few projects back. Lastly, stuck in a mini flag saying “Happy Mother’s Day”, wrapped the jar with some yarn and ribbons for the finishing touch and ta-da! An adorable and fun jar of pom pom bouquet ready to be gifted! Hopefully you give this DIY pom pom bouquet a try, it makes a lovely decor and gift for any occasion! Finally, I wish everyone had a great celebration and enjoyed their Mother’s Day!

Love, Leona

(Click for enlargement // Always have include little brother's name)

(Click for enlargement // Always have include little brother’s name)



It’s been almost five months since I last written on this blog. However I am back and I promise to write more frequently for those of you that reads my blog (sound of crickets). Anyways, on with this blog post, a month ago in April I wanted to see Dan Flavin and Doug Wheeler’s exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery (537 W 20th St); so I grabbed two of my friends, Jimmy and Maria, to go gallery hopping with me. The fluorescent light piece you see above is by Dan Flavin, very eye-catching isn’t it?! Of course, we had to take some photos with the art piece which you can see below. After viewing Dan Flavin’s Untitled, we wondered around the gallery looking for Doug Wheeler’s exhibition, however we did not find it so we went onto the next gallery. We started gallery hopping pretty late that day so we didn’t get to see much but it was still fun and interesting overall! 

Love, Leona

Dan Flavin Untitled (To Donna)

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