Isaac Julien: Ten Thousand Waves

So on the past Monday, I got the chance to visit the MoMA to see Isaac Julien’s new work which I later discovered was done in 2010 over a course of 4 years. I stayed for the whole 50-minute short films and I have to say, I was confused. Two of my friends who are also art students (Ally and Sam, who you will see below) came along with me and they were puzzled as well. Later it was made more clear after we read the description on our way out of the installation area.

Even-though I didn’t exactly understood it completely, I enjoyed it very much. It was really carefully filmed which you can see from the behind the scene clips. What I love most was all the screens hanging and no matter what floor you were on in MoMA, when you went to the center, you would be able to view Julien’s film because the screens are double sided. It allowed you to see the film in different perspectives and angles.

You should definitely go view and experience this yourself at MoMA.

Love, Leona


(Click for enlargement)


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