Isaac Julien’s “PLAYTIME”

(Photo credits to Metro Pictures, New York)

This exhibition is by an installation artist and filmmaker named Isaac Julien. Photography and videography are the art forms that I personally love most. Therefore when I first walked in, the photo in the center definitely caught my eyes; the composition of that shot is great from the circle of the window and the silhouette of the man. Furthermore the colors makes it pop from the wall; I also liked how the two photos on both sides were pretty monochromatic so it kept the room symmetrical.

As I wondered to the back into a dark room, there was a super wide screen with a short film playing. Soon, I discovered it was three amazing short films with one featuring actor James Franco. I loved the location of the first one where a man was just wondering alone in a very isolated area and house. The second short film was about a Filipino woman who had to work in Dubai to support her family; it was very interesting and informing. Overall, this has to be one of my favorite exhibition I have been to by far.

Love, Leona

(Photo credits to Metro Pictures, New York)


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