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During the day of the gallery trip, I managed to spot Printed Matter (195 10th Ave, between W21st & W22nd St) on my walk to the train. You would not miss it because of all the stickers that are on the front of the store. It’s a cool little book shop with very interesting books ranging from many different artists. I got to flip through some books and I was inspired; there were so many unique books to choose from! Be sure to check it out when you’re in Chelsea!

Love, Leona


So on the past Monday, I got the chance to visit the MoMA to see Isaac Julien’s new work which I later discovered was done in 2010 over a course of 4 years. I stayed for the whole 50-minute short films and I have to say, I was confused. Two of my friends who are also art students (Ally and Sam, who you will see below) came along with me and they were puzzled as well. Later it was made more clear after we read the description on our way out of the installation area.

Even-though I didn’t exactly understood it completely, I enjoyed it very much. It was really carefully filmed which you can see from the behind the scene clips. What I love most was all the screens hanging and no matter what floor you were on in MoMA, when you went to the center, you would be able to view Julien’s film because the screens are double sided. It allowed you to see the film in different perspectives and angles.

You should definitely go view and experience this yourself at MoMA.

Love, Leona


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(Photo credits to Metro Pictures, New York)

This exhibition is by an installation artist and filmmaker named Isaac Julien. Photography and videography are the art forms that I personally love most. Therefore when I first walked in, the photo in the center definitely caught my eyes; the composition of that shot is great from the circle of the window and the silhouette of the man. Furthermore the colors makes it pop from the wall; I also liked how the two photos on both sides were pretty monochromatic so it kept the room symmetrical.

As I wondered to the back into a dark room, there was a super wide screen with a short film playing. Soon, I discovered it was three amazing short films with one featuring actor James Franco. I loved the location of the first one where a man was just wondering alone in a very isolated area and house. The second short film was about a Filipino woman who had to work in Dubai to support her family; it was very interesting and informing. Overall, this has to be one of my favorite exhibition I have been to by far.

Love, Leona

(Photo credits to Metro Pictures, New York)